Ken Q. Li

Ken Li was born in China in 1958 and now lives and works in St. Albert, Alberta.

After completing secondary school in 1973, he worked as an apprentice in a jade carving factory. Upon completion of the course in 1975, he became a technical worker in carving and engraving on every kind of stone, such as jade, marble and soapstone.

In 1976, Ken passed the entrance examination given by Guangdong Arts and Crafts College in Canton Guangdong, China and became an art student majoring in carving and sculpture of the traditional art of China and the sculpture art of western countries.

After graduation in 1979, Ken returned to the jade factory as supervisor of jade carving. When the factory later expanded to jewelry making, Ken became a jewelry sample maker and designer. In 1978, Ken qualified as an art and craft technician which is the highest level designation in this field in China.

All Ken's works were shown and sold in the Guangdong Trading Exhibition from 1975 to 1997. The exhibition is held yearly in the spring and autumn in Canton China and is the largest trading exhibition held by the government in China especially for 2013 new design <a href=""vuitton">replica louis vuitton</a> buyers from all over the world.

In 1997, Ken immigrated to Canada and worked in small towns in northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories where he learned English. During that time, Ken was able to experience and be inspired by the wildlife of North America, as well as Inuit art. Combining the ways of Inuit art, Chinese traditional art and the art of Western sculpture, Ken created a series of Arctic and North American stone carvings, expressing his feelings for the wildlife of the North.

The artwork of Ken Li is represented by Rowles & Company Ltd., Alberta's Corporate Gift & Art Gallery, in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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