Roland and Jason Voghell

Roland Voghell has spent the last twenty years in his taxidermy business (Antler Hill Taxidermy) in the small community of Innisfail, Alberta. Sculpting a wide variety of life size animal forms, Roland has developed expertise in the industry. The transition to carving antler came easily when he was asked to custom carve antler for his clients.

Jason Voghell, Roland's son, has worked in his father's studio for many years and, like his father, exhibited both the talent and the creative drive to become an exceptional craftsman in the art of carving.

All the pieces are hand carved from shed moose, elk, deer and caribou antler. Antlers are grown primarily by the male of the species. Antler growth begins early in April and they are usually shed by the following February. Since antler is shed every year, there is no threat to wildlife and therefore antler is indeed a renewable resource.

The process is very detailed and time consuming. The design is first drawn and from the drawing, the antler is carved out very carefully with a dremel, a specialized high speed carving tool. Once the desired design is completed, the piece is hand sanded and hand polished. Each carving takes many hours to complete.

Roland and Jason have chosen wildlife themes for most of their carvings and each piece is reminiscent of Canadian wildlife habitat.

The original carvings of Jason and Roland Voghell can be found in many private and corporate collections in North America.

The works Jason and Roland Voghell are represented by Rowles & Company Ltd., Alberta's Corporate Gift & Art Gallery, in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



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