Elaine Berglund

Elaine Berglund is a local Edmonton artist. She began exhibiting her work in the 80's The forms of her art has moved through batiks, clothing design, murals, jewelry, and jewelry boxes made of paper, papier mâché bowls, silk screen, copper etching.

Elaine's paintings, acrylic or oil, reflect her interest in the human form as an expression of aspects of lives, a moment of energy and movement. She is self-taught but there are many influences that makethat possible- a rural upbringing, French and Métis heritage, a large family, the freedoms that are part of this culture and the gift to see these things-angels and energy. Elaine was born in Edmonton, Alberta. As a child, her family lived in a trailer, moving throughout Alberta following her father's work. The family settled on a farm near the Town of Morinville. She had the opportunity to live with her great grandparents and hear stories of their lives before they had immigrated from France and Sweden. One of her great grandmothers was First Nations. From these people she has gained much wisdom. She believes their spirits are strongly reflected in her work in a number of ways- the interest in trying new mediums, the urge to learn new techniques and, most importantly, the knowledge that our lives and all we create with them effects the entire world.

Elaine is a student in the Shamanic tradition of the Inca Medicine Wheel. This wisdom is from the Q'ero people of the Peruvian Andes. Earth medicine: this study harmonizes her interests and study of holistic medicine, energy healing and movement. She is a certified instructor for aquatic fitness and a practitioner of yoga, qigong and bellydancing.

In the Soul Spirit Art Movement workshops she shares the beauty way, blending all these interest with art expression. Every time you listen in gentle stillness to the truth that is inside you, you become a resonant note in the universe (one song).

University of Alberta-B.A. English-three years 1979-82
B. Ed -two years
Inca Medicine Wheel Shamanic training. Two year course.
Fitness Instructor AFLCA Certification- Aquatic/Yoga 2003
Copperplate Etching U of A
Silk Screen
Harcourt House model drawing
Red Deer College -Series
Traveling the World!

Elaine exhibits annually at Centre D'Arts Visuels de l'Alberta. These pieces incorporate all the art forms she has explored: batik, papier mâché, painting and plaster. The last show at this gallery wasin February 2005

Elaine has been a participant in the Jazz'Art Festival for Cente D'Arts Visuels de l'Alberta throughout Alberta.

For Molson's Great Canadian Fireworks Festival in Sherbrooke, Quebec, she was one of the featured artists. She has also been the featured sketch artist for the Opera Gala in Edmonton in 2005-6. Elaine Berglund is exhibited and represented by Rowles & Company Ltd, Alberta's Corporate Gift & Art Gallery in both Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

In 2006, Elaine journeyed to the Far East Countries for four months studying and exploring the art and culture of the various regions keeping a detailed daily journal that she posted in a Blog, The last leg of her travels culminated in a very successful solo exhibition of her paintings in Margaret River, Australia.

Elaine is an avid gardener. She teaches art classes in batik, multi-media and creativity through Centre D'Arts Visuels d'Alberta.

BATIKS Displayed and for sale at Orlando Books. They were shown at Common Woman Books, no longer in business but it was a wonderful venue for the batiks. They were also sold at the Fringe.
Murals I have done many murals as private commissions in homes. The wall treatments and arrangements for Second Fiddle Books were featured as a Feng Shui article in the Edmonton Journal in 1997. A public mural commission can be seen at Faculté St. Jean, the French department of the University of Alberta.
Jewelry I was a designer and staff manager of Tigris Lis Canada. I designed and made jewelry from plastic clay. The designs were hand-sculpted flowers and abstract pieces. This jewelry was sold internationally.
Jewelry Boxes Kohlberg Chests: we designed jewelry boxes made of paper covered with fabric. These pieces sold to interior decorators and their shops throughout Canada. Flair Interiors (Edmonton), Ginger Tea House (Okotoks), Victorian Rose (Calgary)
Graphic Arts The cover art for the Edmontonopoly, Calgaryopoly, Vancouveropoly and Victoriaopoly board games.
Papier Mâché These pieces are showcased at Centre D'Arts Visual Gallery. They were in The Works 2001. My interest in papier mâché works is in creating three dimensions of the two dimensions of surface.
Paintings/Portraits At Stillpoint Healing Center, private commissions, historical paintings for the town of Legal, and through the gallery Centre d'Arts Visuels de l'Alberta. I am a member of Harcourt House Gallery, participating in the Naked exhibitions.
Clothing Design This work was available at Stanley Carrols, Mink Lake and Zoryana's. I designed costumes for Walterdale Theatre's The Grace of Mary Traverse and Mamowapik's La Marraine de la Prairies. Under my design label, Earthula Black, I design and sew sportswear and swimsuits.
Bodies During Festival of the World 2001, I painted the human canvas. I have painted designs on human' bodies through Dragon F/X at West Edmonton Mall and Shambhala Tattoos On Whyte Ave.

The artwork of Elaine Berglund is represented by Rowles & Company Ltd., Alberta's Corporate Gift and Art Gallery in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta Canada. 

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