Renée Oswald

Jewelry Designer


Renée Oswald was born and raised in Edmonton, and grew up amidst creativity with a grandfather who gained a reputation as an expert in theatrical makeup—a tradition carried on by her father, and passed along to her.


Renée's love of jewelry began early when she began working in a costume jewelry store. There, she made, repaired and sold many pieces of jewelry. Subsequent jobs made her familiar with fine jewelry as well, working in the business as assistant manager and manager, as well as manager of repairs. At the same time, she polished her artistic skills by teaching several courses in theatrical makeup at the University of Alberta.


Renée is also a wife, a mother, and a fine cook.


As she raised her family, her love of all things that sparkle came into play; and she began teaching herself to create Swarovski crystal jewelry, a passion inspired by her grandmother’s many jewelry pieces.


Using knowledge from each of her jobs, she has been able to create her sparkling creations, most of which are one-of-a-kind. She manufactures each piece herself -  all are meticulously made and designed with both thought and artistry.


Each of Renée’s creations is of the highest quality, and contains only Austrian-made Swarovski crystal, except for occasional focal beads of antique nature  just to catch the eye. Swarovski crystal is known for luxury items made from it, but can be purchased at affordable prices. Swarovski jewelry is unlimited in its many applications: daily wear, wedding jewelry, or jewelry for special occasions.

It can be added to flowers or as Christmas tree ornaments or can even stud favourite clothing.


For almost ten years, Renée has honed her skills in fine Swarovski jewelry-making, and continues to enjoy her art today as a skilled costume jeweler.


The Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Collection designed by Renée Oswald is represented by Rowles & Company, Alberta’s Corporate Gift and Art Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


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