Artist's Statement

I don't remember a time when art was not an important part of my life.  As a child, paints and paper were never in short supply and I was blessed with a family that nurtured my creative expression.  Early on, I set about trying to explore and depict the endless paintings and drawings I saw in the world around me.  Being a child of a military family, I was always provided with new subject matter as we traveled from coast to coast:  a view of the ferry at North Sydney, a hilltop farm in St. Louis du Ha Ha, or incredible walls of rock as the Trans Canada highway wove its way through rugged northern Ontario.  Years later, I still find myself awestruck as I try to capture my visions of this beautiful country. Art for me is an outlet for my creative spirit.  It allows me to share with others not only the beauty that I see all around me, but also pieces of my heritage and my life that I would like to shed light on and preserve. It gives me both quiet moments of reflection, as well as moments of tremendous joy.My family comes from the east coast for many generations back. I have spent the bulk of my life on the prairies, and growing up in a military family has taken me to numerous points in between.  I have come to describe myself as simply a "Canadian" artist and enjoy capturing in paint the many beautiful scenes I have been fortunate enough to experience.  I am equally thrilled to capture the essence of an old homestead in Alberta, the proud history of a grain elevator in Saskatchewan, the majesty of a Rocky Mountain peak or the simple practicality of a Newfoundland root cellar. I strive to embrace wherever life's path leads me and believe whole-heartedly in the old adage of "bloom where you are planted".  My current focus has been on capturing the changing Alberta landscape as rural life becomes less of a way of life, and society more centralized.  I strive to uncover the beauty in the ordinary, the items in our lives that generally go unnoticed.  I enjoy combining different objects, textures and moods in a way that enhances what might otherwise be considered mundane. I am presently working on a series of grain elevator paintings which focuses on the dwindling numbers of grain elevators left on the Alberta skyline - this once proud symbol of the prairies, and center of many farming communities, soon to be lost forever.


The artwork of Kristina Seinberg is represented by Rowles & Company , Alberta's Corporate Gift and Art Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Solo Shows

2012 - Rowles & Company,  Disappearing Sentinels , Sun Life Lobby Exhibition June 2012

2011 - "Disappearing Sentinels - The Changing Alberta Landscape", Mezzanine Gallery,     Glenrose Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta

2010 - "Wherever I Hang My Hat" - King's University College, Edmonton, Alberta

1998 - "Transition" - Lyle Victor Albert Center, Bonnyville, Alberta

1992 - "Images of Alberta" - Cam's Picture Framing and Gallery, Bonnyville, Alberta

Group Shows

2012 - Beacon Original Art Spring Show and Sale, Calgary, Alberta

2011 - Beacon Original Art Fall Show and Sale, Calgary, Alberta

2011 - "Diversity", Alberta Arts Days, Galleria at Festival Place, Sherwood Park, Alberta

2011 - "Creating Culture", King's University, Edmonton, Alberta

2011 - Emerging Artists Society Spring Show, Sherwood Park, Alberta

2010 - Beacon Original Art Fall Show and Sale, Calgary, Alberta

2010 - Emerging Artists Society, Loft Gallery, Sherwood Park, Alberta

2010 - Artwalk, Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

2010 - Emerging Artists Society of Alberta, Spring Show and Sale, Sherwood Park, Alberta

2009 - Calgary Public Library Literary Awards Show and Auction

2007 - Present - Visual Arts Ministry, Sherwood Park Alliance Church, ongoing exhibition

2002 - Crescentview Artist's Association Fall Show, Calgary, Alberta

1998 - "New Works" - Lyle Victor Albert Center, Bonnyville, Alberta

1995 - "Art for Heart" - Show and Auction, St. Paul, Alberta

1994 - "Featuring Local Artists" - Graham's Pantry, Bonnyville, Alberta

1994 - "Local Artists" - Cold Lake Tourist Center, Cold Lake, Alberta

1994 - "Arts Alive" - Grande Centre, Alberta

1992 - "Art '92" - St. Paul Visual Arts Council, St. Paul, Alberta

1992 - "Showcase of Local Art" - Iron River School, Iron River, Alberta

1991 - "Alberta Artists" - Northern Treasures Gallery, Bonnyville, Alberta

Corporate Collections:

Cascade Dental Centre       Kiser Enterprises Ltd.      Jet Perforators Ltd.      Qualico Commercial   

Art Acquisitions/Awards:

2011 - "Suspended" selected by Arts and Culture Society of Strathcona County for fundraiser


Federation of Canadian Artists, Active Member

Code Of Ethics