Gordon R. Johnston

Hello, I'm Gordon R. Johnston, an Ipad Artist. I'm also a Carpenter Cabinet-Builder and a Canadian House and Home Grand-Priz Award Winning Designer.  I also install, place and frame fine works of art for Art Galleries and Private Collectors here in Alberta, Canada.

 I like to keep busy and immerse with people I love.I enjoy being active and I love to draw + I love Art. I'm a busy guy though.

I design. I build. I curate. I observe.   I study. I drink strong coffee.

The Ipad is perfect to make drawings for a guy  like me who's busy and on-the-fly. You can do 'it' anywhere...draw; in a truck, coffee shop, park bench,  Eames lounger ( the best !).

 Its engaging this new drawing technology, one doesn't  have to worry about  waiting for something to dry before beginning again; its a pick-me-up | put-me-down kind of medium. It's also respite to slow down and chill for a bit from a demanding schedule. 


About IPad Prints

As you can see I was born with a lamp-post in my head.

Slow learner, but bright ideas!

Works are created with an App called Brushes, and drawn with a stylus ( or sometimes finger ) on the tablet's glass very freely and fast with colour.

New technology has allowed Artists to experiment with new perspectives and therefore create new ways of considering the world around us.

My work is made + exists on a computer screen, which is no different than art existing on a copper or zinc plate, and like etchings, made to be printed; beautifully printed on a Coventry Rag stock ( Archival Paper ) and in small editions.

The Prints are all created from the original plates and should not be confused with reproductions - a picture of a picture of the Art.

They are all original Prints

Code Of Ethics