Brian Kelk

Brian Kelk was born in Peterborough, Ontario in 1957 and relocated to Calgary in 1976. Brian began pursuing his passion as a self-taught artist in 1978, working at first with stained glass design, glass etching and sand blasting. In 1989 he attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, pursuing his studies in glass blowing, glass fusion, casting and sculpture. He opened his glass studio in a provincially designated heritage site at St Mary's College in southeast Calgary in the late 1990's.

Brian has completed several large residential commissions and specialty projects. His sculptural pieces often display tremendous humor, for which he is known. Brian's Orca Whale sculptures, as well as a wide range of other sea mammals, fish, birds, and other animals, are examples of his ability to translate the fluidity and grace of the animal world within the medium of glass. Brian" s whimsical "Fish in A Bag" has become a signature piece for him. Each colorful "Fish in a Bag" is a unique sculpture that demonstrates the endless possibilities of Brian's talent in glassblowing.

Brain currently lives in Calgary, has raised 2 sons, one of whom is working with him in the glass studio and is a proud grandfather.


I express myself with sculpture, either in surrealism or realism. From "Flying Hogs on Wheels" to my "Orca Whale" sculptures. I feel that glass is one of the most interesting mediums available to work with. The only thing that limits glass is one's own mind, and I have never placed any limits on my imagination. I love to teach my gained knowledge to other artists or students. The satisfaction I get from people enjoying my work is the heartbeat of my creations.

1989-1994 Alberta College of Art, Glass bowing, Glass fusion, Casting
1978-1988 Self-taught in stained glass design, glass etching and sand blasting.

1994-Present Rowles & Company Ltd., Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta
1994 Folio Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

Northern Passage Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia

1993 NovaCorp Grad Show, Calgary, Alberta

Petro Canada Corp., Calgary, Alberta

1992 Alberta College of Art Student Show, Calgary, Alberta

The Oil Drop

The original blown glass sculpture entitled "Oil Drop" represents Alberta's commitment to the petroleum industry. The construction of the Oil Sands Projects is a major driver behind the current level of economic activity in Alberta. Alberta plays a major role in the world in providing unique solutions for the oil & gas industry. This sculpture is a symbol of the importance of oil to our culture, the creative drive, and the mutually beneficial relationships that are required in order to bring it all to fruition.

The Inukshuk

An Inuit word that literally translated means "Stone Man that points the way" can be found throughout Northern Canada from Baffin Island to Victoria. The purpose of the Inukshuk was to show direction and guide the way. The Inukshuk has been adopted today as a symbol to remind us of our dependence on each other and the value of strong relationships.

The artwork of Brian Kelk is represented by Rowles & Company Ltd., Alberta's Corporate Gift & Art Gallery in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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