Curling Rocks

Artist: Ted Jolda

Title: Curling Rocks
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Medium: Blown Glass

Size: 3in D

Price: $35

Platter -  Red Hollyberry  - Matching set of  4 Coasters $70Coasters Retrobrights- Set of 4 @$70SpruceTrees, 7in@$155, 8in@$220
Wing, Northern Lights 6in@120, 6.5in@$125, 7.5in@$170, 8in@$195, 8.5in@$205Curling RocksGold Pears  3in @ $20   6in @ $35
Candle Stick with 24 K Gold StemRED Apples - Also available 2.5inD= $50, 4inD =$160Star Ornament - Blue
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