Alternate Artwork Exhibitions Spaces

Rowles & Company Ltd. is pleased to present  artwork exhibitions in various locations throughout the city of Edmonton. All Exhibition spaces are open to the public and feature Gallery Artists. For purchase or information please call 780.426.4035 or Email us at Check out our Web Site:

Sunlife Building Lobby, 100, 10123 99th Street, Edmonton, Alberta
Original Oil paintings - original Oil paintings by Tom Menczel

EPCOR TOWER LOBBY 10423 101 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
Original Acrylic Paintings on Canvas by Frances Alty Arscott

SAWRIDGE INN AND CONFERENCE CENTER  4235 Gateway Blvd N.  Edmonton,AB Original Mixed Media Artwork by Heather Shillinglaw

Artist: George Schwindt

Title: Grain Elevators,Ponoka, Alberta

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