Corporate Collecting

Rowles & Company Ltd.    Alberta's Corporate Gift and Art Gallery

Since the early 1970's, Corporate Art Collecting has been a recognized phenomenon. Whether it was brought on by the increase in art education or increased corporate community awareness or simply because of a corporation's desire to develop a specific corporate image, it has since grown and developed into a distinct and important part of Canadian Corporate Culture and Art Culture.

What was once taken care of exclusively by beauty interior designers is now handled by professional art consultants, interfacing with architects, interior designers and clients. This has become essential in order that the company is professionally guided in building a collection that signifies symbolically what the corporation believes it is and what it wants to become as well as how it wishes to be perceived by both clients and employees.

Recognizing the corporate need, Rowles & Company has developed a smart complete service program that will aid both small businesses and large corporations in the realization of their art needs. We are prepared to assist you from the first tentative art purchase to the finalization of your corporate art concept. We offer collection development, management, maintenance, installation, appraisals, educational and documentation programs.

As the relationship between art and corporations continues to grow, we at Rowles & Company are committed to fostering a greater understanding, and a more beneficial partnering, between the two.

I Am Enough FigureEdmonton Skyline with PyramidsBald Eagle
Vase, Point - Tourmaline and AmethystTable, Hall , Glass TopHorse, Cool Day on the Trail
Grizzly Bear in Green Jade MarbleSculpture - Forged Steel and Blown GlassTapestry Bowl Blue
Winterscape in Edmonton SOLDGrizzly BearGrain Elevator
Grizzly BearVESSELHall Table - Call for Quote - Glass Top quote Separately
Persuasion 2Familywith 3kids- $395, Good Company $395, 12inT Carpe Diem -$395Garden Path- Afternoon
Rogers Place - SOLDFigurative Vessel - The Shiny OneSecluded
Large Shorebird Decoy - Various Sizes availableInukshukBison
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