Darren James Petersen

Darren James Petersen is a professional glass artist living in Alberta, Canada. He operates a full time hot glass studio since the 1990's and also teaches at all the major Glass Programs in Western Canda. He has developed a unique body of work that encompasses all of his favourite activities. He enjoys sport fishing in Alberta's rivers when ever he gets an opportunity. His passion for glass has stretched his creative efforts in a mulitude of shapes, colors and objects of art. As a result, his artwork is in many Corporate and private collections in Canada and the USA.


As a glass artist working with molten glass at a temperature in excess of 2000ºF, my process is highly dependent upon flame. Glass works particularly well in creating the effect of a flame because of its transparency and the way in which it interacts with the light.

In the creation of the piece, a core of molten glass is gathered out of the furnace onto a steel rod. I then roll this first layer into powdered black glass, working it into the beginning of the flame shape. After some cooling, I once again dip into the molten glass, gathering another layer and rolling that into the coloured glass chips, shaping this into the core of the flame. One last time, I gather up another layer of molten glass, encasing the flame within.

From here I turn and press the piece onto a steel marver plate, creating the three-sided shape. I then work the sides, creating the twist in the glass. It is then important to control the rate of cooling so that the temperatures and rate of contraction remain even throughout. This is done in an annealer which controls the rate of cooling over as much as 16 hours, keeping the entire piece at an even temperature while it returns to room temperature. The final step is the grinding, polishing and signing of your piece.

2000-2006 Instructor at Red Deer College - Glass Department
1988-1992 Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, AB
1984-1988 Augustana University College, Camrose, Alberta (Zoological Sciences)

1995 Alberta Art Foundation Visual Arts Project Grant
1992 The Illingworth Kerr Educational Scholarship
1992 The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor Award
1992 The Alberta College of Art Board of Governor's Award
1991 The Tyman Brosz Memorial Glass Scholarship
1991 The Continuing Arts Association Travel Scholarship
1990 The Dr. Frederick G. Pedlar Memorial Award
1989 The Provincial Award of Merit

The artwork of Darren Petersen is represented by Rowles & Company Ltd., Alberta's Corporate Gift and Art Gallery in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta Canada.

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