Artist: Chris Jones

Title: Inukshuk
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Medium: Cast Pewter

Size: 1.5in x 1.5in

Framed Size: 6in x 6in

Price Framed: $85

Inukshuk - Only one leftBisonMuskox -
Special Order. Fish, TroutPears,Gold,Small,Medium.Large from $40-$150Flame, Assorted sizes & colors $95-$350
Prairie Vessel - Petoglyph Elk & Elders ImageBowl RetrobrightPlatter, Retrobright, available in 12 x 12in for $225;  Coasters Set of 4 @ $80,
Bowl Maple LeafPlate Sushi, Maple LeafCoasters Maple Leaf  Set of 4  @ $70
Inukshuk, Sprit of the NorthMountainscape, Three Sisters  Also Available 10inW x 6inT @$245Mountainscape
Mountainscape framed - 15in x 19in @$395, 16in x25in  $650Plate Sushi, InukshukMountain Weight  3in Tall@$75,
SpruceTrees, 7in@$155, 8in@$220, 8.5in@245 Talking Stick, Traditional ( Can be framed)Sculpture,Dancing Souls, Medium
Sculpture, FriendsKaleidoscope on Pedestal, FireBear, Head Up, Silver Cast Sculpture
Cowboy BootGolferOil Drops, 6in@$125,6.5in@$135, 7in@$155, 7.5in@$175,
River Rock Bowl Inukshuk Black Granite base with Inscription Bison, Restless  Sold
InukshukTalking Bowl, Blue    Medium 7-8in Aurora Borealis Mountain Scape
Wing -  Northern Lights, 7in $180, 7.5in $210Northern Lights Bears Ex Large $350,Small $95,Mini $55 Celebration Figure 10in@$125, 10.5in@$135, 11in@$165, 11.5in@$175, 12in@$230
Feather - The Four TribesInukshukMaple Leaf
Grain ElevatorOil Drop Small in 6-7inT-$195, 8-9inT - $375, Dancer Spirit Animals Series
Drummer - X1 in InventoryVase, Trans Ban Vortex VasePrairie Elevator- Framed in Seamless Black Linen Liner ,Black Frame
Polar Bear - RecliningWestern CowboysFamilywith 3kids- $395, Good Company $395, 12inT Carpe Diem -$395
Walterdale Bridge - Edmonton SkylineHumming Bird 4inT $105 4.5inT$165 5inT$225Heart
Figurative Vessel - The Shiny OneCelebration Figures with Dichroic -10.5in@$145, 11in@$185, 11.5in@$195, 12in@$250Mugs / Set of 4 / Lauren Harris
Mugs / Set of 4 / RenoirMugs / Set of 4 / Tom TompsonMugs / Set of 4 / Van Gogh
Glass FeatherInukshuk
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